Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wow...Hot ghetto mess

Crazy Gilr on Train

Omg...poor old lady...that is somebody's grandma!!!...terrible. She messed with the right dude cuz pullin her hair was nice compared to what other dudes would do...crazy.

T.I. @ the Wiltern

My Husband is performing at the Wiltern on June 25! Tickets go on sale at 10am 2day...and on it! :)

Exactly 1 week until I get to experience the greatness of the Glow in the Dark tour again! Yay...cant wait! This time im in L.A.!!!

"Seeing is Believing" Day!

Woke up. Helped my sister pack to spend the weekend at UCLA...she says she is going to a Frat 16?...YEA RIGHT ! ....Faxed like 30 papers to my school for financial aid..they always wanna find someway to take away my grants and scholarships...nuh way...not gonna happen. Took a nice hot shower...then went to go and get a manicure and pedicure. (Sidenote: Man asks me what design I want on my feet...I say "um...just a white french tip with a flower design...nothing too big this week" he says "just a flower?...r u not from the hood?" is that supposed to mean? dont have to be from the hood to get extraordinary designs... anyway...moving on) I then drive to my job...gotta park in the Sepulveda shopping center...take the spotted dotted bus...had a nice chat with this man about how interesting it is to fly Virgin Atlantic...blah blah blah...go thru hatin ass female security/ thirsty male security...blah again. Pick up my pay check... PAY RAISED TO $11.50/HR whoop whoop!!!...sooo happy about that! I leave the my check...head to the mall to buy a few tops.

Time goes by and its 3pm...time for my 30min massage appointment. So my masseuse was black...I get in and she is like "oh man...its so nice to have a woman of color on my table...most of the tie we just get our hair and nails done and forget to take care of our body...or some just refer to that S...E...X as their 'massage' " lol. She was cool...I took off all my clothes...she helped me relax...the massage felt so good was bomb!...I think I dozed off for a thing I know its 4pm!...This lady massaged me for an hour and I only paid for 30min! yea she hooked it up! :) Anita thought she got cheated out of her 30min...but she masseuse just hooked me yea...imma make this a regular...a massage every other friday!

So then we leave...bust a mission at borders real quick...and head home for me to change and get ready for Lesley's graduation from St. Bernards...but of course there is traffic...and then who is waiting for me parked outside when I get home? Mr. I'm not patient...he says why dont you answer your phone?...sorry i was busy and I just had the stress taken out of me by my massage so just leave me be is what I basically said...catch ya 2maro! Go in my mom is acting suspicious...she is going thru a midlife crisis I swear...poor thing just cant except she is getting old. Anyway I ignore her...change..head out...pick up Ari and head to the graduation...we get VIP parking by illegally making our own spot...haha...oh well. Um...then the graduation...Congratulations Lesley and Camille!....and I saw some uh yea..maybe another blog...haha Went to eat at some was pretty good and so was the convo.

We left and decided to go see Sex and the City...before we had to stop so that Lesley could change...while she did that I went to get gas. On the way Ari says "man my eye is itching and I cant see" response is "seeing is believing"...LMAO!...Ari looked at me like wtf....I was even thinking wtf...hahaha...why I said that I dont know but we were laughing for like 5 min straight! lol Ok so we head to Pacific theaters after getting lost twice...and we see this huge line...oh boy it is 11:35pm...why are ppl up trying to see Sex and the city...prob same reason we are...hahaha. Any is packed...we gotta sit in the front but the seats were still was loooong...almost 3hrs! was good i guess when "love" is the main theme I am almost always enjoying he movie. So we leave around 2 something in the morning...heading home and Ari decides to call KDay and complain about how long Sex and th city was and how there was so much nudity and sex scenes..duh! yea 3:30am comes and I heard her on the radio...funny way to end the night. I enjoyed 2day! :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Can't Wait!

It feels like Ive been waiting forever! July 18th can't come soon enough...

Oh yea and "Hancock" ....I wanna see that...Will Smith is in it so it should be good...hmmm...We shall see if it was really worth it for them to shut down the 105 freeway...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Facebook is great!

Youtube is keeps me entertained...Just typed in Facebook and saw so many funny videos about facebook! haha

But this one has its very own St. Bernard high School Alumni...Go Donald Webber!! He is such a believable infomercial spokesperson!

There are too many of good videos on facebook so go youtube the rest yourself! :) (Mark Zukerberg is so tight!...check out the 60 minutes interview of him...hes so chill..I wouldnt mind working for him!)

Facebook Infomercial Parody

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gold Diggers

I dont understand Gold Diggers. Money does crazy things to people ...especially women. Its like when they see money...thats all they see and they are going to do anything to get it from these men...its their way of life you might say. Whatever happened to love? I guess its true...people are in relationships through either love or money. Yes you can have both...of course....but thats what Gold Diggers dont understand. You can be in love with a man and he in love with you and together you guys work on your finance situation together. But noooo...they wanna be in love with the money...that this man happens to have. Most of the men unattractive or their self esteem is built up by all this attention they are receiving. Little do they know...or fail to realize...its their money that chick is after ...not them. He will get all the attention...she will spread her legs for him...change her anything he says. Why? Cuz that Gold Digger knows she will get paid for it...its like Gold Digging is a job to them. A self degrading job...a miserable job...a job that wont last because money doesnt bring happiness into a might buy you those material things...but the love...comfort and fulfillment will never come. Flavor Flav for example...why 3 seasons?...because he fell for the Gold Diggers. duh. Then there are the handsome men...most conceited because they know what they have and they think all the women will be hypnotized by their money and they will do anything for them...which the Gold Diggers then they think..."I have all this money...why not get a bunch of Gold Diggers" so they do...and theses girls might all know about each other..but they dont care...cuz in the end..they are getting paid. I will never understand Gold Diggers...and I really dont want to...its their loss in life. But these Gold Diggers are causing quite a problem...they are building guys heads up that they should all become rich...because rich men get all the girls...all the "pussy" ...ok yea... but if thats all your looking for...a girl you can get "pussy" from who wants your money...then go ahead. Dont be mad if she cheats on you or you notice she is always asking for money and shopping...and she doesnt have a job. Its just disgusting to even think about it...a disgrace. I hate hearing guys brag about what they have and how much money they have and all that..its ok to mention it....but to repeatedly mention it over and over again...its like whats your point? all that your saying supposed to make my panties wet or something?. Congratulations...good for you...I'm very happy for you...I truly am..and I will compliment you if I like something you have (no sarcasm intended because I am very proud of these successful men)...but dont think I will like you ...want to be with you...drool over all you have...or even spread my legs for you . No...sorry...I am not a Gold Digger money does not have that effect on me. Its nice if guys offer me things and yes I will take it and thank them...but I'm not begging a guy for anything...I can pay my own way...thanks. When it comes to relationships...I follow my heart...I'm in it for love...not for what you have. Then eventually what you have...and what I have...can be what we have...if marriage is where it leads. If the person I'm in love with just so happens to have more money and possess more expensive things than me...then so be might take me some time but I will too be just as "successful". I look for what he can give me emotionally, physically, and mentally...while Gold Diggers look for how much he can give her materially. Our love...our education...or dedication to life and each other can give you all you need...a lasting relationship.

Go Obama!!! :)

He is almost there! :) Well he has basically already won...Hilary just likes the attention I guess.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Night Chat

You ever sit and have a meaningful conversation with someone face to face for hours on matter how late it gets? I mean conversation with substance...convo that makes you think.... about life...your future...who each other truly are? Current events...things that make you look more highly upon the person you are talking to? And then you never want to leave because their presence feels so this is what God has put you on the earth sit and talk to this I love convos like that. Conversations like that are really rare...not many people can hold a conversation...or even start one. I know sometimes I have problems starting it but I guess if the right thing is said...I will have words. I wish it had never ended tonight...I guess I will have to wait til later 2maro for part 2.

I got a bomb massage today! yay! lol...Going to the Spa 2maro...lets see if their massage beats this! ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It Gets Old

Experiencing the same situation over and over gets old
People criticizing your gets old
Coming in contact with rude gets old
Warning people of their action's gets old
Hearing so and so slept with him and him and him and so and so is a gets old
Witnessing gets old gets old
Reality shows for finding a soul gets old
Keeping some thoughts just thoughts when they need to be turned into spoken gets old
Corny pick up gets old
Guys flirting with you when you know they are flirting with everyone else gets old
Losing friends to friends u introduced those friends gets old
Wasting gets old
Listening to gets old
Having to play fake with gets old
Arguing with someone through away gets old
Loving an unlovable gets old
trying to justify someone else's gets old
Avoiding gets old
Watching the same couple argue, break up...then get back together every gets old
Calling the Bridge the hang out spot gets old
Talking about how someone dresses or who they hang out with...its called gets old
Playing hard to gets old
Being gets old
Calling people bitches and gets old
Thinking about someone who doesnt seem to be thinking about gets old
Crushing on gets old
Relying on someone who rarely comes gets old
Dreaming that dream you wish would turn into gets old
Backing up lie after lie after gets old
Reaching for the sky ...only to touch the gets old
Working at the gets old (LMAO...but they offered me a raise that I couldnt refuse so imma stay til i find someone that wanna pay me more!)
* Some time in the furture there will be a part 2...cuz many things have gotten old

***Some do not apply to yea...stop thinking that!

Shut the fuck up!

Man! Real World was so entertaining 2day! I dontreally like Greg but he really made the show happen 2nite...I mean if it wasnt for him...what would this episode be about ...yanno? in the 1st part when he kept telling Sarah to "shut the fuck up!" and they were going at it...I was reacting like Will...hahaha. You know how he was laughin his ass off but in shock at the same time with Greg calling Sarah and her boo Ryan out and her boo was sayin nothing???..haha...that was puuuuureee comedy!...i loved it! Is it just me or did Sarah and her boo Ryan switch genitalia? Its like he has the vagina and she has the balls...hahaha. Oh yea and before that Bri handled him...I mean there was no doubt in my mind that she wouldnt...i mean come on she the one with a warrant for her arrest cuz she know how to handle hers...haha. The panties thing...haha...Karmas a bitch huh... who took and hid someones makeup bag last week?...who got their panties taken this week?...yep bam!...Ok so then fast forward... um...who told Greg his 'associate" was mean is it just me? She is not cute why are u stressing over her....he has too much of a hold on her for her to be an "associate"...exactly what is his definition of an "associate"?..Anyway I think Will was wrong for messing with a girl that he messed with...even if he just wanted to get some head...which is what he Greg should let some hoochie... (who obviously loves her some black dick...I mean who can tell her she is wrong? she loves her some mandingo lmao) come between him and Will. Next week looks a lil Crazy! Will is being sent home???...MAN! till next week...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Indefinable Personage

I am human...I am a woman...I am black...I am young...I am a student...I am intelligent. Does that define me?...No...keep going. I am beautiful...I am phenomenal ... I am passionate...I am thick...I am a dreamer...I am a sister...I am a daughter...I am a friend...I am blessed. How about those? ...Ha...not even close...keep going. I am outspoken...I am confused...I am a laugher...I am a crier...I am a lover...I am 5'6"...I am incredible...I am unique...I am hurt...I am thoughtful. Can you tell me when I am getting close?...Haha... Can't guarantee that will ever happen...

When asked to define yourself in one or two or three are quick to do it. Although...I do admit sometimes it takes time...sometimes. You pick that one positive word..or those few that would satisfy the person asking the question. But honestly...that is impossible. It is impossible to define ourselves. Especially in just a few words. We always limit ourselves. Limit ourselves to the endless possibilities...possibilities of personage. We are so much more than what we sometimes portray. Sure that person in the mirror gives a pretty accurate perception. But thats just it...a perception. You cant truly grasp from what you see. There is a person hidden behind that deep thick flesh. Didn't think to look there huh?...yea...that is often the case. But then again...who wants to take the time to peel and lift that thick flesh to show you whats inside? Its hard work. And exposing it is risk for infection...more addition to who I am..more negative addition. We only want to think of the positive. The positive of "who I am"...the parts of "who I am" I want you to know...want you to see. The negative is too heavy to heavy people often reach for a release. A release that will also contribute to "who they are". I might slip and show you a piece of "who I am" that you had never seen. Don't be shocked...its just a piece...and I weren't supposed to see that. Hopefully your "perception" doesn't change. Too late? ...Sorry... I tried. Your loss...or maybe your gain? have another piece of who I am. Lucky you. You don't ask...I wont tell. You ask...I probably still wont tell. If I cherish it. I'm bringing you closer to "who I am". You will never reach the end...but then again neither will I. We are in this together...only if you want to...only if i let you.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vibrating Touch!?

So Me and Michelle pulled an all nighter last night studying for our last two finals which were today. It was hard. But ...and hilarious commercials kept us awake. (No speed...haha...Im watching the fresh prince right now and he was thinking of taking speed to keep him awake because of finals and all...tisk!)... Anyway...I cant believe what they are coming up with now...and then to advertise it on a commercial on TV! Of course there are those "I'm hot and ready for me now" commercials...there are so many of them I dont even notice them or get shocked with what they say But this commercial...this shocked us...haha.... and made us laugh all night. Never seen anything like it..I present to you the Trojan Vibrating Touch Commercial...

Lmao...omg...No...If it is that serious go and get a man! haha And that old lady...she is too much! lol


So finals are over. *sigh* BIG *sigh*
YEesssssssSSSSSSSS! =-D
Goodbye Chemistry...Goodbye Biology...Goodbye Calculus...Goodbye Drug Psychology....Goodbye Books....Goodbye papers...Goodbye labs...Goodbye lectures...Goodbye teachers...Goodbye Studying...Goodbye tests...GOODBYE!...See ya in the fall. Whew! It feels so good you dont even know!

The Best thing of all??? I get to go back home to L.A.! Yes!!!!!...Where it doesnt get to 104 degrees!!! Ill get to see my family and friends :) :) :) . Ill get to relax...get my hair done..go shopping...go to the beach...Man I wanna do so much!...This time 2maro...I will be in L.A. yes!!!!

...O yea and I have a lot to write about...Ive just been real busy with all these finals...So I apologize for my slacking...Its so unlike me! lol

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barack Obama

Obama is on a roll! Come on you are almost there! Edwards' endorsement is a super plus too...we got can take a seat now Hillary!

Oh yea....Im jealous of Michelle...She is so intelligent...strong....she is my idol!..and Obama's ride or die chick!

Wednesday Night Reality Shows!

Real World: Hollywood

I think Bri and Will would make a cute couple...I feel the chemistry between them...why doesnt she??? If she was with Will she would not have had sex with Ho Ho while Kim and Sarah are awake right next to her. haha But yea...Sarah needed to be slapped for hiding Bri's makeup bag and Kim does not need to give any relationship advice to anyone or judge anyone cuz out of all the of them on the show I think she has the biggest problem...either get with Dave or leave him alone! Dont say u dont like him but u sleep with him and get mad when he brings another girl home! ...Anyway cant wait til next week! Why is Greg mad that Will is with one of his "associates"??? lol

Top Model

Yay! Whitney won! :) Go girl!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

No Matter What:

I have loved this song since the first time I heard it 4:12pm May 9th 2008. This is how you "Geet, geet, geet it!" Haha. My husband is so talented! Kiyanna is a hater because she doesnt like it. I told her "Ooooo imma do a blog about it!" ..shes says " ugh you like it? ...its boring". I guess you have to keep listening to it cuz you are is bomb!!...the beat...the lyrics...the man behind the mic...all He truly "shines without trying". :)

"God will take you through hell...just to get you to heaven" :)

"Conquer every obstacle...making possible possible...even when winnings illogical...losing is far from optional " (words to live by)

"All you do is follow dudes...sound like allota dudes" (haha...applies to alot of guys)

Friday, May 9, 2008


I love "Again" by Janet Jackson....the song...the video...and I love the movie Poetic Justice for which this song is on a soundtrack for. The atmosphere of the video looks so peaceful..I wanna go there...lay there...and just think...think...dream...and smile. Eventually I always do. Janet Jackson is pretty in this video...and her words...sometimes I feel as though we are long lost sisters. Another Plus would be that my husband Gary Dourdan is in sexy...mmhhmmm. haha. Maybe thats why CSI: Las Vegas is my favorite CSI...cuz he is in His smile...and not only are his eyes beautiful but they are full of mystery...full of something. Have you looked into someones eyes and knew they had a story to tell? He has great one...I wanna hear it. *Sigh* He is so sexy...if only he were a little younger.

"You should look at the ocean and realize that no matter how famous you are or how much money you will never be as important as the ocean." -Janet (at the beginning of the video)

Awww I miss the through alot of times there...the ocean is my consoler at times...5% of the ocean is my

Enjoy the Video!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

New York or Tokyo

I wanna go shopping in Tokyo...they have all the best clothes and shoes!... but the price of the tickets kinda discouraged me :(. ...I said KINDA! lol I still wanna go but why in the world are taxes and fees for Tokyo $389!!!??? I kept seeing prices ranging from $1,300 to $4,200...then my eyes grew big! I was like ooohhh $604?..thats good!...but my little happy bubble was burst when I saw + $389 taxes and fees! So the total is $993. Grrrr....and this is almost a year in advance! Maybe I will just settle for New Years in New York...being in Time Square for New Years has alway been a dream of mine...and then after New Year sales! yay!!!! Decisions...decisions...



$600 dollar difference...hmmm...Tokyo or New York???

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If It's Not Okay For Men...Is It Okay For Women?

The constant have no respect for women. To me...when it comes to the bitch and hoe thing ...they arent to be blamed completely.... because honestly I believe that is partly the fault of women themselves. Men call women bitches and hoes because women call each other bitches and hoes. Yea I understand sometimes it is just to play around like "hahaha bitch you funny" or you are just friends that use bitch and hoe to refer to each other...but if your friend can call you a bitch or a hoe...why cant he? Ive heard this discussed before and it kinda went in depth this weekend..but there was never a final reason for when women found it "ok" to call each other bitches and hoes but when men use it to refer to them...they are in the wrong. Or sometimes girls spot other girls at the club and are like "nuh uh..what is she wearing?..she a hoe" but if a guy said it then he would be "disrespectful". Ive even seen away messages that say "at the mall with my bitches" or "me and my hoes about to hit the club". lol...what?... I understand those are your friends but what if a guy were to read that away message and choose to call you and your friends bitches or hos because he thought it was okay since you did it...did you ever think of that? When Lil Wayne or Snoop or somebody says bitch or hoe in their song everyone sings along...even the women. They are very disrespectful words but are the words becoming a little numb to us now? It seems like many people use it so much on a regular basis. So don't just blame the men for using these words...unless you havent referred to yourself or havent called another girl a bitch or a are in no place to talk. You set the example. Oh speaking of example..I have This one girl was saying she was talking to her guy friend about a party she was having and she mentioned a name of a girl she invited...his reaction was "oh man you inviting that hoe?" She was surprised and asked him why he called her a hoe. His response..."my homegirls said shes a hoe" Perfect example. Still the question asked by many...but does not seem to have an answer...when did it become "ok" to call each other bitches and hoes? My advice would be to expand your vocabulary girls and try to find and use other words to call each other...try to avoid bitch and hoe..and maybe that will decrease the male usage.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Take the Keys and Drive...

Why do alot of people follow each other? Its like "monkey see, monkey do". You wont do something because either you are too lazy or you are not sure about wont find out until do it. But if you see someone else do it then you think okay imma "help" or okay imma do it too. No. If you really wanted to do it then you would have done it first. You would have believed in yourself and went for it. Not waiting til its too late. Let's not sit in the back seat...Get the keys and drive....

This also applies to making a difference. If you think in order to make the world better then you must do something...then do it. Its worth a try. Dont wait around and see if someone else is gonna do it first...take the initiation. Thats what I'm all about...taking initiation. If I need something or I wanna see something happen then im gonna depend on myself and make it happen. There is no time to follow around other people hoping that eventually they will do something and you then will do it too. Like for instance, I think we need another Black club at my school. I was thinking a BSU but we dont even have a Student Union yet so I would have to wait for that ...which is already in the works. But then I got a brilliant idea when I went to the ABC Conference...There was a girl there who started a Chapter of 100 black women. I had never heard of the club but after hearing the details it is exactly what we need. Black women can be the foundation for change at the this school and I'm gonna make it happen.

Black women are already leaders now....people are already following us. Some girls go out to Target to get lipgloss so that their lips can be plump like ours. People all over the world are hip hoppin like japan...china...india...all over. Lets start things and make other people follow...instead of people saying oh they are "acting white"...just because you are educated and talk a certain way...or you own your own business...or you are just at the top of the latter. Lets make it so that they can say they are "acting black" pursuing something higher. Why does "acting black" have to assume the negative and "acting white" have to assume the positive? It doesnt have to be that way. It seems like the higher in education we go...the less blacks we see. This can change if each one of us take the initiation and go for our goals...not forgetting where we came from or who we knew...that is key. We are all in this together.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Take More Pride in Yourself... PLEASE! (Video is a MUST WATCH!)

Let's not play tag people. This is no game. There are too many people sleeping around from one person to the next...and not only that but without REALLY KNOWING the other person and without protection. It's disgusting and really sad to know that people are doing this...they aren't even worried about the consequences.

So yesterday Monica noticed that someone wrote as their status on facebook that there was an outbreak of Chlamydia in Tuolomne Hall ....the old fashion dorms which most of the freshman live in. So are like eeewwww...and start laughing not taking it seriously because we know there are promiscuous people in that hall so it could just mean that there are a bunch of hoes in that hall. Nope...come to find out today..its a real serious issue that the school needs to let everyone know because supposedly it has been brought up in RA meetings that the Health center have record of people tested and most of them reside in Tuolomne. How disgusting. All I know is they need to stay over there with that. Luckily for them its only a bacterial disease so hopefully they go get tested and treated fast. I don't even want to use any restroom but my own...Not the ones by the classroom and not the ones in the gym or the DC or in anyone else's dorm. Ugh...why must they all sleep around?...Do they think college is a place to have sex as many people as possible then that person can go to their actual gf or bf and give it to them too? Disgusting! Goes to show you might like that girl or that boy...but until you REALLY get to know them...dont hop in the bed with them.

So then that brings me to this video that my friend showed me yesterday...Makes me speechless...I feel sorry for these girls and even the man...who claims to have infected 15,000 girls with HIV because according to him...thats what they get and someone infected him so he is gonna teach them a lesson. He needs I'm really gonna pray for him tonight. I just wish that this video could be showed to everyone..maybe this will scare people and make them think twice about sleeping around...with random people...without protection...yea Chlamydia can be cured but not HIV...