Monday, January 26, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Absolutely amazing movie! I guess I love movies about destiny and fate. The fact that chasing your destiny can bring you all that you need...including happiness is wonderful. Its not the love of money...or the hate in your heart...its the love. Yes, there are many struggles along the way.....this movie proves it. But love will get you through it. Whether its the love of life or anything else...if it is will be. You have to watch it to really get the picture...the trailer doesnt do much. But yea...I loved it. And yes I

...Another one that will have to join my top 10 movies. This is rare that I have two movies that I love come out in the same month. Maybe I need to make a top 15? Maybe. lol

I Want To Travel The World

...or at least visit all 7 continents.

Yes, even Antarctica. And I guess I already have one down. I know some might say ..."well who doesnt want to"...or some might say "whoa...dream big". But I say I can do it. I say I will and that is a promise to myself.. Which continent first? I do not know. When will I start? I do not know. There is no limit I am giving for the time I must complete this travel. The only limit is the time God gives me to live. If it ends up that I take my last breath while visiting the last continent on my 80th birthday then so be it. Travel the world...i cant wait.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I can feel it.
Its coming soon.
It will hit when I least expect it.
I have to stay ahead....cant drop back.
Stay ahead ...and still be social.
What a challenge.
A challenge ...soon to be knocked down.
Am I ready?
Do I have a choice?
I dont want to suffer the repercussions if I dont succeed.
Its do or die. isnt something to play around with.
My life isnt something to play around with.
All that I do is a determining factor.
This is a determining factor.
There is nothing I cannot overcome.
It has been proven to me...through the many I look up to.
I wont stop.
No I won't quit.
Bring it on.
Bethany is motivated.

Aladdin & Jasmine Will Happily Be Together Forever!

SNL is trying to ruin my favorite disney movie of all time! I didnt see this in theaters 14 times (including 3 times at the el capitan for the ultimate experience lol) for nothing!

What a Week! :)


...Mr. President Barack Obama...

...our Hero is here...

...At Last!

I loved Mrs. First Lady Michelle Obama's dress! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lift Your Head Up and Smile From Ear To Ear


The Beginning of our Legacy of Hope...A Dream

I Have A Dream (Full) - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior.[January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968]

Just Have Some Fun

Let me be that little bird in your ear...
Now if you see yourself going out less or basically having a little lesss fun then you used to. And now you just sit around mad, sad, or dissappointed...and you are this way more times then when you are happy. Something needs to change. Someone needs to change. hile you are young and not married or with children it is your obligation to enjoy life as much as possible. Travel, party, hang with friends, just be young. Not saying you cant enjoy life when you are married with children because that is the ultimate part of enjoying life, but you wont to do all that you can now before you have obligations to a family. If something or someone is holding you matter how much you care about have to let them go. When/ if they grow up...or when/ if they become more stable and they are destined to be in your life...then it will be. Or maybe it isnt them that needs the time to grow or become more stable...its that them the favor. I promise God will work it all out in the end. Don't worry.

Regroup And Regroup...You Do It Best

I dont know why but I get annoyed with people who try to know everybody. Not necessarily to befriend them all ...cuz there is a difference between being a friend, being friendly and being a groupie...but to be able to say "hey" when they see them around and tell people "yea I know them". Do you think this will make you cool? Hanging on to their every come and go? Does it not bother you to know you go out of your way to know their where abouts....that you use their actual real friends to get to them...and you dont know these people as actual real people but what they present to you around the way. Look at the places you are determined to go and let everyone know you are going so that someone can be on your ...jock? The thing are titled a groupie when you switch from group to group dependng on how hot they are at the time. If the person is becoming popular on make sure to say something like "lets kick it again" just so people can be like what they kicked it before? How cool! No. haha. Then a new person is becoming popular on facebook...gotta let everyone know you know them too huh? Next month someone is having a party...gosh what might you do to say your in that mix too? make it look like you are throwing the party too...when you arent. Promote it? Show up early? Funny thing wanna make your name known...but thats all they know is your name. You wanna see your name in lights? Do you...but not at another's expense. The new people you group with at the time of their spotlight...they know you are a grupie...they know who was down for them and who is with them before the beginning til the end. The ony one who doesnt Why regroup and regroup...we are all one big people and there is no need to try to know everyone...its are so many connections that once you know one know them see them all. The difference between friends and groupies is that no matter how many people friends meet around the way...they can differentiate between friends, associates, friends of friends, and associates of friends. If you feel empty inside...being a groupie wont fill the emptiness...the hype comes every now and then. Or maybe you know that...thats why you regroup and regroup...smh.

Notice it was written as though I am talking to the person...doesnt mean I'm talking to you. However, if you think "hey, this sounds like me"...then probably is...

Truth Hurts

Just Because My Winter Break Is Almost Over

I feel like ranting on things/people that have bothered me. Not people in particular because I make sure not to rant on one person anymore...I will rant when it is more than one. You know...I realize this is just people growing that I'm witnessing. And my perception of them is me growing as well. We live and we learn...let me give my viewpoint and hope to understand why things happen and why some do the things that they do. Let's go...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Pants Subway Ride

It is too cold in New York for this...I would never...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Plead The 5th

I have Jury Duty 2maro and I do not want to go! My constitutional responsibility? Grrrr!!! I dont wanna make a fool of myself but man...I might have to take Lamine's advise and act slightly special when they ask me questions. You asking what every other word means...looking confused...taking a while to answer questions. I have school next week so I cannot serve next week..they shoulda had me report on Monday and I would have been fine...but no they are not gonna just ruin my week with this ...No!


Honestly I dont think i can be impartial though...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Just Like You

It was hard to admit at first but its true. This song holds truth.

This video is great and my husband in it is a plus! ...Lol

Just Like Me - Jamie Foxx feat. T.I

Plus I really like Taraji, she is a good actress...funny too...she was great in a Curious Case of Benjamin Button. As a little add is what she said about the movie in the L.A. Times published yesterday:

"I’ve got to say: You make a list of people you want to work with, and you find out that God has a wicked sense of humor,” Henson said during a press day at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. "I’ve learned to be very specific. I never thought I’d play his mother. I thought it would be something a little sexier.”

Wouldnt we all wanna play something sexy with Brad

Read More Here.

I Love This Song/ Video

I want this sung at my wedding...and 25th and 50th anniversary.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Great Concert!

So this was a great concert for only 10 bux! Got free shirts, and CD's and Ari got to sing her song with Dom Kennedy into the mic...whad front and center seats...check us out in the video if you

P.S. I like this litte mix that Mike Posner and the Braint Trust did with T.I.'s Whatever you like and Coldplay's the was great and I want to find it!!!!!

New York Was Great In Case You Were Wondering!

First of all I would like to say...this year took a great start and I have a great feeling about that!

Lol...Omg! I had a blast...what went down? Well...we went everywhere in New York! Yes! .....Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten....& the Bronx...we made it happen...haha. ( I made it a song and I couldnt stop singing it on the last day..haha) Any who..yea we went everywhere...tried to see everything and took a combined total of about 700 pics...about (280 of them being mine). ...Took the subway all up and down and across new york to the point where we are tired of it. I like the fact that the subway is unlimited for 7 days for only $21 bux tho!..that was a real money saver! Why did New Years Eve have to be the coldest day in New York...19 degrees...snowing then windy...and we stood 9hrs in Time square with no food or restroom to watch performances...get free stuff and watch the ball drop. The experience was amazing but never again..thats a once in a lifetime Went to wall street, ground zero, statue of liberty, Yankee stadium, central park, 106 and park, Columbia university, NYU, Brooklyn bridge...and many other places. We have decided that we like Brooklyn better than Manhattan...haha. We went to a club in took a lot of work cuz almost all the clubs are 21 and over...But my cousin and her boyfriend hooked us up. We were chauffeured and watched by my cousins' boyfriend and his friend so we could be protected from the overly horny New York men. Itys amazing how we got there at midnight and we were early..ppl dont start coming til 1am and it doesnt end til 6am! Laughed at the doo doo mamas and wondered where most of the girls clothes were...smh...all in all it was an experience to remember. To wrap it up...7 days in New York was the vacation I needed and it was great and New York has some cuties...mhmm...did they...yes yes. I need to upload pics..but I dont feel like it...definitely before January ends though. :)