Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stop Frontin'

Sigh...I loved him in this sexy. Now thats what I call swagger. Mmmhhmmm ;)

Billboard's Album Review

808s & Heartbreak

"Kanye West has had a rough year (the death of his mother, splitting from his fiancee), so it's not surprising to hear raw emotion and frustration on his fourth album. He's not mincing words when it comes to women: He's the victim who's been mistreated on "Heartless," and he's unable to wrench himself away from an ex-lover on "Say You Will." While interesting, these tracks aren't nearly as fun as the cocky "Amazing" ("I'm a monster/I'm a maven") and the Lil Wayne-assisted "See You in My Nightmares," where he gains the upper hand in a breakup. Sonically, West pushes the envelope by relying on the drum machine from which the album takes its title, as well as the ever-popular vocoder. In the end, it seems that no matter how pained West is, as long as his one true love—himself—is intact, he will prevail in the face of adversity."
—Mariel Concepcion

I think the little plus are the drums...I'm loving ' a sort of African...maybe Caribbean flavor to it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

I wonder...

If I would have called...would you have answered?
If I would have asked...would you have told?
If I would have questioned...would you know why?
If I would have chased...would you have stopped?
If I would have been truthful...would you have been truthful?
If I would have talked...would you have listened?
If I would have opened up...would you have opened up?

I could have told you what I knew.
I should have told you what I knew.
I could have told you how I knew.
I should have told you how I knew.
I could have let everyone know.
I should have let everyone know.
I could have just left it how it was.
I should have left it how it was.
I could have never carried on.
I should have never carried on.
I could have ignored my feelings
I should have ignored my feelings.
I could have not cared.
I should have not cared.
I could have said no.
I should have said no...from the very beginning.

But that isnt me.
And now we are here.
....but still here.

Wonder if God has a next step...or is this where the story ends?

Divinely Favored

Fast forward to 6:30.

Mhmm...beautiful. Perfect description of love. And Maya Angelou's part is so is anything but unsure. If you are unsure...that isnt love...if he is unsure...that isnt love. The main thing both have t be takes two. You cannot change someone and you should not change yourself ...for love. It is God's blessing...out of your hands. Wait for his blessing...and when you get it...hold onto that gift and cherish it.

Sales= Death on Black Friday

The economy is suffering? Ha! Well it got a little help with all the hungry for sales shoppers. The recession didnt stop the thousands of shoppers on black friday. Not even people could stop them. Ive heard so many stories of people who got trampled to death, hit by cars, and even fights that broke out...all over shopping. This is a crazy laugh at all of the crazy stories that I experience, the things that I witness, and the things people tell me but when it comes to someone dying...its just sad. Especially when the ones killed are kids. I love shopping but never would I think shopping would put my life at risk. Ive heard of more cases this year than ever...I guess it will just get worst each year?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ne-Yo ~ Mad

Sad really can't stay mad at don't know what could happen to them tonight, tomorrow, anytime. Staying mad is a waste of time...getting mad is a waste of time. Life goes on and waits for no one. Then life ends...thats the sad part. Forgiving someone is hard...especially when they show no remorse. But you must always think of the consequences of staying mad. I am currently mad at no one and I like it that way...Although I dont forget....I forgive.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Love & Heartbreak

Awww... Kanye West's album is great. e get to see his emotional side. Gives guys an opportunity to openly join with women in the appreciation of love and heartbreak music...without fear of being judged "soft". haha...Kanye is making it cool. Men have feelings too...and Kanye wants to show he took the singing route...haha...who woulda thought? Upon hearing Love Lockdown for the first time I was like wtf is this? This must be a joke...ewww...I had to hear it a couple times for it to grow on me... I still didnt end up loving it but I still wanted to give the album a chance. Then heartless came out and I was like yes Kanye! whats next?...amazing, paranoid, robocop...whole album...I'm loving it. His singing, his new style...along with the afro mohawk (which I DONT recommend all you guys going out and getting) all flows... a great evolves...and Kanye is taking it to the next level. Not saying this is better than Graduation...because they dont compare...they are two seperate albums aimed in two totally opposite directions. 808's and Heartbreak ...I really enjoy it. When you goin on tour Kanye!!!??? :)

This commercial is cool to me..I watched it like 10 times straight...if that makes me a loser then so be

Home Stretch

Whew! Last few weeks of school and I am free! School is kicking my ass! But I am hanging in there..strong! I have a paper, another midterm (why is it a week before the actual final?...I have no idea) and four finals to prepare for. Luckily ..for the first time... they are spread out ...every other day for the most part and not all back to I wont have to go crazy and pull my hair out. I am pretty depressed about the fact that on December 12th... while I am studying for my first final, Biological Calculus, which is on the husband T.I. and the great Kanye West will be performing at the Gibson Amphitheater. :( How wack is that!? I will just have to wait for New York ...or the announcement of Kanye West's tour to cheer me up...which ever comes first...haha.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Call to Action

This weekend at the Student of Color Conference was great! Coming together as a unified voice into a vision of students of color who are empowered through their education to implement solutions for positive change in their communities on and off campus was amazing! I gave alot but I beleive I took more and I am so grateful for that. Coming together mentally as well as physically for a greater change truly makes a difference. We as students have to fight for our future...if we dont...then who will? Ending the Conference with a march to the federal building to protest against budget cuts and tuition increases was a great representation of what we can do.

"About 1,000 students from various UC campuses planned to march from Bruin Plaza at UCLA to the Westwood Federal Building Sunday to protest recent budget cuts and tuition increases.

The protest, organized by students at UCLA for a "Students of Color Conference," was scheduled to begin shortly after 1:00 p.m."

Read more here. or here.

"What gets you sad?"..."When someone gives up"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"You Can Be So Beautiful When You Are Who You Are"

Gil Scott Heron speaks that absolute truth in that quote. People dont realize that being themselves...being true to themselves....makes all the difference. If you think you have to change for someone...put your dreams, values, personality, ect. on the back burner while you become someone else in order to satisfy another person or a group of are only hurting yourself. I watch people change for other people in order for that person to notice, show interest, or even talk to them...or do things other people do in order to reap the benefits that that person may get/ have. Let them be be you...what is right for them may not be what is right for you. Be happy with what you happy with who you are. I say...if those people or that person doesnt like or notice you when you are who you are....then they do not and will not genuinely care about you or love you. When you love yourself and care about yourself enough to be yourself can be the most beautiful person...inside and out. Its true. Self confidence, self respect and love go a long starts with ourselves though...and once you have it...someone else can have confidence in you...respect you...and care about you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

They Should Be Signed

Rin on the Rox....they are goofy and they can sing! Go on girls! I almost heard them sing all the songs they have up this weekend on my breaks from studying...I would like to say I got a couple people addicted! haha

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Attention Seeking Behavior

Let's talk about guys...guys who constantly seek attention. You know the ones I am talking about right? The ones that scream out random things at odd times just so some one can look at them....the one that dances out of no where when there is no music...the one that constantly changes his facebook status so that someone could see his every move or possibly comment...the one who turn up their music real loud and/or speed in their car while looking at you...the ones that instant message you...only to put up an away so you can read it...i can go on and on. Let me make one thing clear...if you havent noticed...that doesnt impress me at all. Im sure it is hard for you to swallow but may not have my attention...not that way at least. It is a total turn off for me. Be yourself...calm down...take it down a notch. I observe...I like to observe... it entertains me. What doesnt entertain me..and what I continue to ignore is obnoxious attention seeking behavior. If you get attention without doing all this extra stuff then that is great...and that is something that I humble yourself. But no..I refuse to fall at your feet and surround you with attention everytime you seek it..its not cute and it makes you look desperate. You might feel cool..and your head might get big from all the attention you are getting..but try and stop and take a look at how you got that tried...and you succeeded...but man...did u TRY. Oh yea and the ones that try to look oh so cool...LMAO...wearin clothes that dont even fit their style...their personality...but they seen that guy on tv wear it and he looked cool so let me try it....oh my... the try to use all this slang and talk like they are king daddy mack...OMG...turn around and jump in that dumpster over there why dont you. If you have to try so hard that you cant even sit back and be yourself then is the attention you are getting really genuine? Hmmm...But hey...maybe most of these guys are lonely....and sad deep down inside...and the only way they can make themselves feel better is to constantly seek attention. I get...everyone has their own medicine. This is yours...hopefully this doesnt make your case worse. I'll pray for you.

You Going To The Gym?

You know what Ive noticed when I go to the gym? Guys make the strangest faces when they work I understand the meaning of "no gain" but some guys take it to an extreme. You can see veins pop out of their head.....their eyes seem to bulge out of socket, and it is almost as though they are gong to cry...some turn red...some stop to shake...some yell..haha. That is called straining yourself sir. You can pull can die...that is beyond pain....dont push your limit...its not girls can tell you are struggling. Or like when I'm on the treadmill....and put the speed level on running level 6.0...I can run for days...I might begin to sweat alot...but I can tolerate it...anyway...if Im running...guys swear...if they dont keep running then I have outrun them. Oh boy,...even if they were running before me....if I dont stop..they wont stop. Im like calm down...this is not a competition. geez. You feel better when I stop huh? Hooray for outran a girl on a This has happened numerous times....maybe its an ego thing but man its pathetic...if you are going to the gym..go and do your thing...dont worry about anyone else...cause Im surely not worried about you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Type

Have you ever sat down to type a post...knowing you have everything and anything to write about... and then your like...what am I gonna write about? I don't know why this happens but it happens to me. I think ...well...what is the point about writing about that?...or what if someone reads that?...what will they think? I don't know why these thoughts come to mind at times....knowing Ive already wrote on things that have no point and things that would make people think things. Sometimes I just need to understand that this is my blog and I have to express any means necessary...a representation of me. Im gonna try and clear my head when typing now...jut let it all know? Cuz sometimes I catch myself typing something and then I begin to hit that backspace button. There is no use for the backspace button on a blog...maybe to correct misspellings but that is about it. A blog is to let the mind flow...whether it is through words, pictures or I just need to continue to let my mind flow. Whether the thoughts that come out are meaningful, entertainment, or whatever...its what I want to type at that moment or express on my blog. The good thing about it is I can look back on this year of blogging and know exactly how I was feeling and where my mind was on that day, in that week, or even that month...because I wrote for me...truthfully, bluntly, with nothing stuck inside. Yea some people could think..'oh no! that could end up crazy...saying too much'. But can never say too much on your blog. Somethings people cant express through writing or they dont feel comfortable typing... so they won't... and If something is typed that no one wants to read or doesnt feel should be written...then there is that lovely x at the corner where you can quickly and easily exit out...simple as that. Like to be honest I have come across some blogs where Im like...'he/she is crazy' their thoughts and mind set are those of someone who should be put in a psychiatric ward....seriously...they say things where I am like seriously need help. But then again...they are typing for them..and I have no easily clicking that x...quickly disconnects me from their world. People write for themselves...whether it is their medicine...their escape...or their entertainment....and that is the beauty of blogs. So yea...I just typed this to get back into the flow of typing as I think...I like miss more backspace....thinking of what readers' thoughts would be...or judging the importance of my post. I'm just going to type....type and publish....the pure Bethany haha.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Addicted

I am addicted to Real Housewives of Atlanta. If you havent been on it...get on it. I do not really know why I am addicted...I guess their lives are just that interesting...I mean it really is..and their is drama for Hmmm...I think when the season is finished I am gonna write a post on my overall feelings on the show and people in the show. Yea...I think I'll do that. My favorite right now is Lisa (1st one on the left)...she is so humble and happy...and she is the only one who doesnt seem like a gold digger to me. Well....I like Deshawn (2nd one on the left) too...I don't think she is a gold digger either. Anyway...yea...I'm addicted and I think I got Mo addicted! haha

Say Anything

Love this movie! :) It is truly an original. Shows that words have alot of strength when it comes to must first be able to express in words the love for someone (and mean it) before you can actually act on it. If one cannot genuinely say how they feel, what is going through their head, anything, then the relationship cannot work. One must open the others heart before there can be a connection between the two. The other must open their eyes to true love and allow the other to open their heart so that they can share, through words and actions, the love they have for one another. However, if they both say nothing...nothing will ever progress. You would have to see the whole thing to really enjoy this movie. It speaks to everyone. Everyone should watch go and rent it if you havent or you can barrow it from me... lol . Here is the trailer if you want to get an overall sense of the movie.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hurry December!

The release of The Spirit is just one of the reasons I'm excited for December.

Ahhhhh! I'm excited! I'm tired of waiting...I'll watch Sin City to help contain myself...or will it make worse? lol

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Love That Hates

You love to hate me.I hate to love you.
The more time apart, the better we get along.
We fight for satisfaction of one another.
One could not do without the other.
And, we know it will always be wrong.

Were so alike, yet so different.
On, one another in which, we depend.
How can I be so affectionate,
when it is my heart I do not like to lend?

We push each other away.
But, we cry when one can not stay.
Why do we play it off like we do,
when we turn around and say
"I Love You"?

By Derrick Thibodeaux

Interesting. Can one really have a "love that hates"? I mean I guess it is possible if this guy wrote a poem about it. Having a "love that hates" would be an emotion jerker for me...why put yourself through that? Basically you dont know whether you hate or love that person so you mix the two...confusion. My conclusion is that experiences in which their heart got damaged...meaning not necessarily broken but toyed with...has left them in this confused state. Or maybe its a scared state...where they are scared to lend their heart...scared because their heart can only take so much pain and they guard it...guard it in such a way that it seems as though they are filled with hate...incapable of love. I don't know. This is just very interesting to me. Funny thing is...I think Ive experienced this before.

I Love Animated Videos!

For the record. I like this song waaayyy better than Love Lockdown.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

200TH POST: "Change Has Come To America"

With a sigh of relief and amazement...I watch as a historic victory unfolds. Our 44th President...President Barack Obama. America's FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT! Son of an immigrant family. And we have our FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN FIRST LADY, MRS. MICHELLE OBAMA.

Welcome the Obama family to the White House...get ready...with determination and humility...we have our hope! :)

I Voted :)

I stood in a long (well worth it) line for 15min and at 6:20pm I voted...for Barack Obama :)

Google ...Vote

Monday, November 3, 2008


All of a sudden I am getting chills everytime I hear Barack Obama's name on TV (No its not because it is cold I hear his name and I get chills and a grin appears on my face...he makes me so proud. His last stop tonight is in Virginia...a state that hasnt voted Democratic in 44 that shows ambition. *Sigh* This is really about to happen...I am actually going to vote...and in a historical election at that.! I have waited 20 years for this! No...wait...I'm not going to lie...maybe 12 years. It wasnt until I was 8 til I even thought about voting...not until I read about voting in my 3rd grade history might be sad but it is in fact true. My family never spoke about voting...probably because they couldnt vote because they chose not to be citizens of America. They might want to change their mind after tomorrow. Oh man...The first in my family to vote. :) How about that? Making all kinds of statements when I step into the poll booth tomorrow...for all of us youth who had to sit back and watch Bush be elected and reelected because we werent old enough to vote...for the black women who werent able to vote up until 88 years ago...for my immigrant family...for all the blacks who longed for a black President but couldnt see it in reach...for every American who longs for a President that can turn this country around 360 or even change...we can help with the other 180 because we need to be the change as well. And for myself...I'm voting on my future here...that is a big deal. Everyone's future and the future of their families to come should definitely be a main concern. We need to look forward...move forward and going backwards. I will walk into the polls tomorrow with my head held high, a smile on my face...and proudly bubble in the Democratic nominees Barack Obama for President and Joe Biden for Vice President. Then I will have to sit back... nervous and in anticipation...until I hear the results. Tomorrow when they are counting the ballots and I watch the percentages increase for each heart will beat faster and faster...with a sigh of relief every time they announce Barack Obama has taken a state. Oh man...the anticipation I feel right relieved I will be...the tears of joy I will accomplished I will feel...if Barack Obama is announced America's new President for the next 4 years!!!

It is up to each and everyone of make the difference...make the right vote...make the vote for Change!

Go Out and Vote...Just a few hours left! Obama 08! :)

Barack Obama's Grandmother Dies

Obama's Grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, passed away today from cancer. My prayers and condolences go out to Barack and his family...I know this can be very hard for him to cope with...especially with all that is going on. Hopefully this doesn't effect his campaigning too much. What a tragedy...the day before elections...

Read more here.

It's okay...she will have angels on your side tomorrow Barack. :)

Don't Wear Obama T-Shirts To The Polls?

Yep, It's True. According to the Secretary of State (of California) & the Cheif of Elections Division, this is called "electioneering"? You cannot wear a sign, button, pin, or any item of clothing that campaigns and solicits votes for a candidate within 100 feet of the polls. This is a violation of the First Amendment if you ask me, but I'm sure there is some sort of law that backs this up. Anywho, I will be wearing my shirt tomorrow...just when I go to vote at the polls I'll throw on a sweatshirt or something I guess. Nevertheless, I will be wearing my Obama shirt tomorrow.

Read more about it here or here.

Don't Just Vote

We all can make so much of a difference. Each of us...individually..and an even bigger difference if we come together. Yes, we will elect a President .... but we need to help...volunteer...speak out. Don't just sit back and wait for what you want to happen...we must go out there and MAKE it happen. Let's Go!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

True Potential

"Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential." -Barack Obama

Yes. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy, Angry, Sad

I have been pretty neutral about my emotions lately. I havent been too happy...too angry...or too sad. I dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. lol. I'm not complaining though. This relaxed mindset is good for me. This year has put me on an emotional roller coaster...Its about time that I get a break and take in the benefits of life. Although I'm not worry free, I'm content with my life...not absolutely satisfied but satisfaction comes with success and successes are gradually entering my life. Lately, whenever I feel a hint of sadness...a little bit of happiness seems to take its course...I am so thankful for that. As for anger...I can't say that Ive been angry at all lately...maybe dissappointed in something said or done by someone but I havent been angry. I find anger to be too overwhelming for my heart and takes too much energy. No point to it...I have no time to let little things bother me. I have people in my life that I need to be there for...including myself...and that is where my energy is disignated. You might be thinking what about other emotions. You mean those supplemental ones? The ones that seem to bind together to create one of my main feelings? They are there...dont care to point them out because they are obviously not effecting to an extreme. That's good huh? Helps me stay focused...allows me to pin point my priorities. Let's see how long this will last...

Sidebar: I wonder if people know how much of an influence they have on a person's happiness...and if they even have an influence at all. I think he does...and I am thankful for the fact that for all these years...he hasnt taken advantage of the fact. :)