Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Laughing is good for the Heart

I love laughing..It makes me feel I'd like to share a little laughter with you that made me laugh today. Well..first the videos shock..and then you fall out laughing. At least thats what i did. Enjoy! :)

Basketball Players are Dangerous

Kenyans are Dangerous

Mohammad is Dangerous...haha (Why Mo..why?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rude People

My pet peeve is rude people. Where is the respect and courtesy of today? Are parents forgetting to teach it? I can't stand rude annoys me when people don't have manners or just think they are some sort of royalty so we must bow down to them. I dont like them and I will let them know...I can knock your ass down from your high horse and put you down lower than you ever thought you would go giving them a taste of their own medicine. Some people think I'm too blunt or I'm being mean or I'm "shootin"...and like I always say..."I only speak the truth". Why must I keep to myself when these rude ass people think they are he shit and continue to act like there is no one else in this world but them? People who can't say "Thank You", "Please", "Excuse me", or even a simple "Hello". Even talking loud when I'm talking on the phone...the rude rolling of the eyes...or dirty looks...its no need for that people...let me know whats on your mind...cuz I will just conclude that you are smelling yourself...and thats not a good look. And dont let me get to rude drivers...oh boy! I let them hear it with my horn!..haha...It gets on my nerves how rude people can be...and they are put on my bad side. Get on my bad side and watch out...I can be blunt and I will definitely let it known how I think of you. Why must some people be so rude? Do they not know its disrespectful?...It only makes them look ugly...but hey maybe they want to be ugly. Who knows. So yeah..I just wanted to get that off my chest. I havent really encountered much rudeness today except for Samantha walking out of the suite while me, monica, kiy and jess were watching tv...not stopping to acknowledge our presence...and leaves. Did I forget to mention that she left for class...a class in which me and monica have with her?...Rude! Idk...I can be rude at times too...but it is only when the person deserves it...I havent done shit to this girl..but whatever...maybe she has been PMS-ing all year. Okay I'm done...Back into the world of rude people...ugh!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Politics & Basketball

Barack Obama did great in the debate tonight!...He still has my vote. Hilary is starting to be a hater tho...the pressure is getting to her so she is beginning to play a little dirty. I ordered a shirt that says "Barack Obama is my Homeboy" wait til it gets here!...its da bomb!...haha....I read an away message 2day that said If Barack Obama wins he better stay in a bullet proof box like the pope...and learn to duck and dive to avoid getting killed....that is terrible...stop thinking that way people...change is good. "Yes we can!":) Huckabee is crackin me up tho. He is still running...I love his determination!..He is shootin on the press tho..they said he is still running only for the "plane rides from state to state"..haha...they are some haters..let the man run if he wants. That girl that lives in my suite is rooting for him...then again she has been known for not making wise decisions..and they both have some country ass names! u know its not Monica!


I semi lost my voice at the game 2nite. It was worth it tho! In other news...if you play basketball at UC Merced you should ...remember this is not in the NBA . This is the fuckin intramurals guys! If you are good..go ahead and make those those some teams spirit ..Mo Benjamins ( the best example of how you should play... along with a few others). ...doing that... I will definitely cheer for u. Good game tonight guys! However, if you choose to have a team...get a coach (a junior undergrad at that)...a score keeper (when we already have refs and a score board for that) do warm up drills like its a championship game...and you run around calling yourself "batman" and acting life you are the best player..when you are not...u have a problem (Lordhood). With a stupid name at shall post a video soon...I have to get this shit on is too hilarious..these guys really think its like an NBA me a break. Anyway...LAKERS ARE NUMBER 1!...WHOOP WHOOP!


Sunday, February 24, 2008


So its been 1 month and 3 days since I have seen my family. Although I speak to them on the phone occasionally I still miss them. I miss waking up to my to my mom's smile and her making breakfast for me. I miss her hugs...the way she looks at me when she is proud and even when she is mad...i miss her encouraging words when we talk face to face...watching her tears of joy as they fall from her face. I love my mom...even through the tough times. We have been though our ups and downs...but what mother/daughter relationship hasnt right? She is so strong...its like she can overcome anything...even though she is not perfect and she has not had the opportunities that I have had...i adore her and she is my idol. I miss my dad too.He is great...I miss his jokes..his free spirit...I love how he is so carefree! He lives his life not stressing...sweating the small stuff...or dwelling in the past. It is as though he never aged. I miss watching him play soccer every saturday...he is so competitive. I miss watching him make friends wherever we go...i miss us making fun of people together . I miss his hugs...and kisses on the head. I love how he lets me do almost anything I want...letting me learn from my own mistakes and trusting me to make the right decisions. He has taught me the best medicine in life...laughter. I love my dad. I miss my sisters too..I miss arguing with them....watching them miss them asking me for advice...I miss their hugs..even though the younger one always squeezes me too I miss watching movies with them...playing cookies and cakes. They make me appreciate the simple things in life. I love my sisters.

Family is so important to me. They are something to live for...cherish...and love. Family is the most important thing to me...they are my blood and I would do anything for them. I look forward to starting my own family. It should be great! A family bounded by love. To me..there is no greater happiness than a family full of love.

25 days til I am reunited with my family...yay!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Top 10 Favorite far

1. Forrest Gump

2. La Vita e Bella

3. The Notebook

4. Freedom Writers

5. Love and Basketball

6. Titanic
7.Why did I get Married?
Poetic Justice
9. Blood Diamond
10. Butterfly Effect

I love these movies!...they all touch my heart in some way. Its just this feeling I get after watching each of these movies. Its hard to explain but it is as if I have either lived the this lifetime or another...or it possesses a message of which I want to live by. To honor and cherish. Although every single one of these movies have made me cry (what movie do I not cry on right? are some) ...they are tears that I long to shed...need to shed. Tears that bring a smile to my face...because in connecting the story to me..I see the positive. They should be seen by everyone!..over and over again because these 10 movies do not some way, shape, or form they motivate. At least that is what it does for me :)...enjoy!



I've been beginning to realize...I'm missing something. Not sure what it is yet.

I mean there has always been a hint ...ever since I was 12 years old... that I was missing something. Why did I realize this at this age? I try to think back to events...but I draw a blank...or maybe I want it to be blank...don't really know why I realized this at that age but I knew it was something important....that will determine my*sigh*... I guess its hard to explain. So I search with my mind, heart, and soul. What is it that I am missing? It must be something great. Beyond anything I've ever experienced. I imagine what I could be missing...but then I think...maybe its not up to me. Idk...every time I think I've found it...further down the road I feel a sense of adverse fate. What could I be missing? I think I found it once upon a time... well almost...I let it slip away though...I try to deny that that isn't what I'm missing. Hopefully it isn't because I am convinced that it will never least not in the form of what it used to be. Maybe this is the reason I shed uncontrollable tears at contingent times in my life. Which makes me even more eager to find this something.

Is what I'm missing an emotional fulfillment?... physical fulfillment? ...spiritual fulfillment? ...I think I've attempted through all of these aspects. Still haven't found it. It's something. I just don't know what yet. Maybe I should give it more time...


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who do you trust?

Trust is longer and bigger than the word that appears before your eyes. Trust is crucial...a piece of your heart...a piece of your confidence...a piece of your life! To trust someone you put down guard down....its like peeling away a piece of your skin and handing it to them....letting them know to cherish it...keep it is a piece of you that they must cherish and honor. Ok so I have like two sides to this 'trust' issue...

Some people take trust too cant trust everyone. You cant put yourself out there and not be able to take the heat. If you allow people to look into your life and know EVERYTHING about you...even strangers. To are going to be either hated or appreciated. So if you think that your personal business should be everyone's business then do not get discouraged or mad when you get peoples opinions...people will always judge. The question is...can you take in what you put out???

Then there are people who trust their 'friends' with things so dear to their heart...and they think..."oh this is my friend..I can trust them with anything". Wrong! They were never a friend if you introduce your boyfriend to them...and then a year later the boyfriend leaves you hopeless and pregnant...and that 'friend' takes him into her arms. Well ill be damned!...what kind of shit is that? Just goes to show that you you must be super particular about who you trust with certain things...and who you call a friend.

Im happy neither of these situation has happened to me...but they have happened friends of mine. The first situation I have seen way too many times and I think people should learn their lesson now. And the second situation has only happened to one of my friends that I never thought would happen! I mean you see that kinda shit in movies. What is going on? Just be careful who you trust and choose your friends wisely...a little repeated advise that is heard often but rarely followed.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Visit ME!

OK...i am so frustrated with the distance between me and my friends. Friends are always calling, texting, and iming..."when are u coming to visit me in LA?" I'm not sure all of the time. I mean I'm sorry but for me school comes will determine my future...not friends. I love my LA friends with all my heart but I cant please you all I'm sorry. Last semester, and last year I came down more often because my classes werent that difficult..but this semester I must focus...I dont have time to be put on probation or dismissed. However, the thing I don't understand is that when I do come down some of my friends are busy so we dont get to hangout..then when I get back to school they are all like why didnt we hangout?..well u were busy remember??? The thing works both ways..I take a trip to LA...u can take a trip to Merced. Why can't you come and VISIT ME if you want to hang so bad. Making me look like the bad guy.

For example, I was just talking to one of my friends...he ims..."u n la?"...I say "nope I'm at school... decided to stay to study for midterms"...he says..."when are you coming to LA?"...i say... "idk probably not until spring break"...he says..."y not next week?"...I say..."if you want to hang out so bad you should come and visit me"...he says..."ok I guess Ill see you during spring break". Wow ok....mad because I'm not coming to LA when u can easily come to Merced but u don't. Had a convo like this with another one of my friends through text message last week too and I'm just tired of it. Friendship works both ways. If I am able to visit LA why cant you visit Merced?

So yea...I'm frustrated. No frustration towards my friends that have visited me on weekends in Merced...which has only been 2 of you...and I did return the favor. Yes I do live in Merced so I will eventually go to LA but don't get mad or say I'm "wack" for staying at school to study so that I can have a great future when you dont take the time to visit me. I still LOVE all of my friends but like I said...I'm frustrated. Spring Break better be BOMB with so many of you claiming to miss


Saturday, February 16, 2008

2nd day of All Star weekend

Breakfast: yum!
Lacrosse: we lost!
Biology: made studying progress!
Dinner: wack!
Dunk Contest: da bomb!
Lifetime: love movies!

...Yup that was pretty much my day...pretty dull...didn't even make it to the gym...better days to come ...

Most exciting thing would have to be watching Dwight Howard amaze everyone with his dunking!...Every one of his dunks were awesome...and that is of course why... HE WON!
Check him out!

Here is the link if you missed it and want a recap of the "Best Dunk Contest since Vince Carter"- T


Friday, February 15, 2008

1st day of All Star weekend

The weekend has begun ... Not just any weekend though...a boring weekend of me staying in Merced while everyone else goes home to spend their 3 day weekend :( ...Oh well I have studying for 2 midterms to keep me busy...And All Star weekend can never disappoint!

Surprise...Surprise Sophomores won the Rookies vs. Sophmores game...Anyway Daniel Gibson is pretty damn good and he makes every single one of his shots look so easy! ...Eleven 3-pointers!!! wow! out Lebron James...I think your teammate might be taking a little of your spotlight Nice smile...6-2...about 200 pounds...I think Gibson is kinda sexy...he licks his lips alot...and yea thats sexy...imma keep my eye on him...haha...maybe a road trip to Cleveland, Ohio???

And Even though Brandon Roy wasnt in the spotlight...he was in my spotlight...if you know what I He was great eye candy...when he was sweating, smiling, running, shooting...I don't sound obsessed do I?...haha...Cuz I'm not...just stating the facts...and he could ball!...He was playing a great guard using his big strong sexy body to stop the the other players... *Sigh*...Basketball is such a great

:::So news says Kobe Bryant might not continue his season...sorry but if Kobe is going to have surgery and not continue the season... in addition to Bynum being gone...the Lakers have no chance of making it to the finals :( ...I wonder if Kobe will make it to Sunday's big West vs. east All star game??? I think west will still win...Duncan, Yao Ming, Iverson, and Carmello Anthony? will be great! :::


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart to Heart

On this Valentine's Day ...I ...Bethany ...saved lives. I decided...for the first give blood and it was great! Valentine's day is a day to show how much you love and care about is one of the most unselfish holidays. So I decided to do one of the most unselfish things. I gave blood. I have tried 2 times before but I was told my iron was too low an that I was "borderline anemic" so I could not give blood. However, today...I was 2 points above the required iron level so I was able to give blood ...YAY!

Looking into it I might have helped revive someone's mother, father, brother, sister, spouse...ect. Do you know how happy and proud that makes me feel!? So great! :) I made it possible for others to be able to see, experience and love on future Valentine's days. The blood pumped from my heart will soon be shared with others and they will have my blood flowing through their cool is that? They will live and love...and I would have done my part in spreading the love...From my heart to their heart. <3


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dirty Talking

So today me and my girls were sitting down together eating dinner when the subject of dirty talking came up. We were all sitting down when cherie started talking about "this boy" and I just happened to say oh your bootycall? ...Then she said "Bethany, stop talking dirty" . Now to me, I didnt consider that dirty talk... I mean bootycall has become such a common word now that to me it is heard just as frequent as saying "i'm in love". You hear it so much that it doesnt seem to shock you as much anymore. So I pushed her to tell me what dirty talking was to her and she just kept saying..."what you just said". I disagreed and I still do ..dirty talk to me is something so extreme and vulgar that you would only speak of if you are in the mood and horny or if you are just a sleaze ball that uses dirty talking to pick up on chicks. Nevertheless, there is a time and place for dirty talking...hmmm....well even though that is true vulgar, sexual words come out of guys..and girls... mouths to hit on the opposite sex at the most random times which is very inappropriate and I dont like it at all...but hey, some people like total strangers talking dirty to them..makes them feel sexy and what not I me thats just disrespectful. However, if it is your boyfriend, friend w/ benefits, fiancee, or husband who is the one doing the dirty talking at random hours of the day... that is perfectly fine and none of anyone's business. I mean ...even while looking for the definition for dirty talk I came up on an interesting fact that stated that dirty talk is such a turn on for some people now that they can’t even reach an orgasm without it. Why is this I asked? .... I read further and my question was answered...It said that 80% of all the sex that happens is between your two ears – it’s all in the head. So in terms of being with a partner, using "dirty talk" is a great thing...better sexual experience. On the contrary, to strangers and/or acquaintances using "dirty talk" is a total turn off and can make a situation very awkward and is basically sexual harassment. I have friends that have recently experienced this and they still dont know how to confront the boy.

Anyway, Eager to find the definition ...if there was one...for "dirty talk" I looked it up on wikipedia, this is what I found... Dirty talk is a "dysphemism (harsh words) for a lover's practice of using graphic word imagery to heighten sexual pleasure before and during the sex act. Dirty talk can include sexual humor, vivid erotic descriptions, giving a partner sexual commands and whispering rude words into their ear. It is a common form of foreplay and can involve the negotiation of how the couple will have sex." So I guess in the end I was somewhat right, do you agree with this definition?

Monday, February 11, 2008

And the Award goes to...

Kanye West!....Yes he is great! him! What was so bomb about him today you might ask? Well let me tell you. Today during the Grammys, Kanye won the award for Best Rap Album (not too surprising cuz he is bomb duh!..haha)...anyway he gets on stage and begins thanking everyone and I mean everyone! So the producers start keying the music and the music begins to play during his speech which basically means "you better hurry the fuck up man!"...bad move. Kanye doesn't end his speech of course....instead he pauses to let them know that it is rude and he continues his speech. After a while he is finally ready to end his speech with thanks and remembrance of hi mother. The music is still going so he lets them know ... "ok its time to cut the music now"...looking pissed as hell. They cut the music and continues to talk about his mother and how much he loves her!...He fuckin ran the Grammys 2nite!...haha I love that he is a mommas boy...its sexy. I want my son to be just like him!

Just a few Commentary on the Grammy's made by me and friends...
"Is Rihanna's forehead getting bigger?"
"Tina Turner looks good for her age but is too old to be wearin that!"
"Beyonce is BOMB!"
"Why does Aretha Franklin have 3 shoulder's?"
"Akon has on too much black for his complexion"
"Who was that girl sitting next to Chris Brown?"
"Chris Brown is Sexy!"
"Why did Jay-Z act like he didn't want to go on stage with Rihanna to accept the award?"
"Keyshia Cole's hair looks nice black"
"Oooo...Rihanna pulled him on stage!"
"Alicia Keys is BOMB"
"Kanye West is BOMB"
"Where did the foo fighters come from?"
"Was Amy Winehouse on crack during her performance?"

In addition to the Grammy's, intramurals began 2day! I was so excited cuz the Mobenjamins was gonna smash on the other team cuz they are the best! However, that was not the case for some reason Mo wasn't focused, Farhan didnt use his height he was acting like a "longi la-la" (a word I made up about 4 years ago for people who are very tall, skinny, and useless because they just flop around helplessly), Matt was fouling out, and the rest of the team was just out of it. Especially I wanted slap him for his stupid shots and then the facts that he was flirting with some girl on the side while my friend /his ex is suffering made me want to kill him..fuckin asshole..anyway yea I cheered on the team..gave the inspiring words during half time and they did great in the second half but not enough.2maro's game will be better...especially with me cheering. It is ok that they lost though unlike the other team they have no coach and no stats and score The stupid ass team they played thought they were in the NBA or playin for USC or something...we are playing against are own schoolmates for 2 halfs..lets not get too serious and think that we are the lakers..calm down please! of their fans/ doo doo mama was giving me the ugly eye but I could care less it is a free country bitch I cheer for who I want..move on we are in college now. So yea GO MOBENJAMINS!!!

I have Chem 10 at 8am..yuck! I must call it a night!..goodnight everyone! til next time :)


Sunday, February 10, 2008

In the end they are there

Today was not a typical saturday in Merced. Usually Me and Monica go to breakfast after waking up around 11:30 or 12. Then I instant message Kiy to come to breakfast and people join us as they come in the DC like Cherie, Vic, or some other people ...some of which I dont want to have breakfast to be mean or anything but I really dont. Anyway yea we didnt do that 2day. Instead Me and monica woke up at 11 and went to the gym because we felt like we really needed to since we didnt go at all on friday. After that we went to breakfast and looked forward to going to Target...haha...sad I kno! While we waited for T to take us to target me and Kiy made our blog pages look even better and watched poor amy whinehouse do crack and talk nonsense on the TV..poor her...tis tis. Anyway it finally come time to go to Target and we are excited..cuz well we get to get off campus during our trip to Target we see the most ghetto shit ever!...haha first we see this lady in like a 4 door cadillac with like 6 of her kids all in the back seat! Wtf? can we say ticket?..haha..but anyway that was nothing...then we encountered doo doo man merced has doo doo mamaz at their best!.haha these doo doo mamaz go into target with no shoes and start talikin about some fat girl who has bangs perpendicular to her head...omg...and then some doo doo daddys were stealing from target but once they got outside there was nothing security could do. It seemed like this was normal behavior for the doo doo mamaz to act like this in Target cuz the security guard just stood to the side laughing ...I made sure to let him know that I was sorry he worked there and he just kept laughing..poor guy.
After leaving Target Mo decided she wanted to get her boo some Laker stuff for Valentine's day so we went to the mall. Since the Merced mall is so sad and it is about as long as two football feilds with a longz drugs as one of their was gonna be a quick in and out. While we are there erica im's me and asks what Im doing so I tell her. Erica then gets mad because she thinks we are hanging out without her..nothing of the sort. Anyway to make it up to her we show up at her house and invite her to dinner. This made Erica happy :) ..yay! We went to La Hacienda 2 where we stuffed our faces and laughed the night away...good times guys! We end the night hanging out and watching youtube videos but I have to say today was an eventful day.
Although I didnt find the love of my life today ...(no I dont have 3 boos monica)...I do have great friends that will be there to entertain me, laugh at the nonsense that comes out of my mouth, and experience this beautiful life of mine even through th ugly times. I love them!

*Along the lines of Friends is is My Best Friend/Sissy's 20th bday today yay!...Have fun Ari!..You know I love you! :) *


Saturday, February 9, 2008

My New Blog

Yay!...Omg!...I am finally back in the blogging world. It has taken me nearly 3 hors but I am back! ...So basically I created a blog in august last year and I did about one post a month until October (yea 3 posts...haha)...anyway I decided today that I wanted to continue with my blog and post everyday. I proceeded to log into my account to fix up my blog, and begin to post. Only one problem...I did not know my username of password! I typed in the only three email addresses that I have so that they could send me my password and I can be on my way. None of them worked! I was so frustrated! I started looking for other ways I could log in...determined to get my damn blog back. It is still up because I know the URL and when I type it in my blog comes up..I just cant edit that shit...grrrr!..I was really frustrated and I am kinda stubborn so I continued to log into my account for about two i kno but I didnt want to make another account. I ended up having to and here it is! I guess it will have to do even though I feel that my life is divided in two because I have two This will work...I like my little layout and stuff...its cute.

I am excited to try and write everyday! I do not guarantee excitement everyday but it'll be is is like a box of never know what you are gonna get (haha love that movie!)....but hey no matter what you get vita e bella!...Always and forever :)