Sunday, February 8, 2009

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I dont know what is going on with this whole Chris Brown thing. I just know that around 5pm my sister tells me that in LA , eyewitness news reported that LAPD was looking for Chris Brown on charges for felony battery. I was like Nuh uh! (I actually did say Nuh uh cuz I thought she was telling a lie). Then I turn on my TV and I see the same thing! (but on Merced News haha.) Anywho, the story I got was that last night after leaving the pre-grammy party Chris Brown got into an argument with an "unidentified woman" and that it was reported that the woman suffered injuries and Chris Brown fled the scene. Im thinking...oh my this is some crazy stuff! Chris Brown isnt the person that goes around beating he??? So my first answer is....must be self defense from a crazed fan. So yea of course he cant perform at the Grammy's. But whoa...neither did Rihanna because she was in a "car accident"???

Then I start reading and hearing stuff like...

- Chris Brown and Rihanna left the pre-grammy party together, got in an argument and he beat her up.
- Chris Brown and Rihanna got in a car accident together and Chris got out the car and beat up the lady that hit them.
- Chris Brown found out Rihanna had herpes and threw her out the car and beat her cuz she gave it to him.
-Chris Brown was attacked by a crazed fan while arguing with Rihanna...Rihanna fled while Chris Brown fought the girl back and then fled.

LOL...craziness I know...I dont know what to believe...I'm confused...all I am certain is that Rihanna wasnt at the Grammy's and Chris Brown went to jail but posted the 50,000 bail money.

LA Times emphasizes that the 'unidentified woman' is not Rihanna ..."According to the victim (who is NOT Rihanna), she and Chris got into an argument that turned ugly and violent"
-Read more here.

However, TMZ and Perez Hilton say "Chris Brown is being investigated for allegedly assaulting Rihanna after the Clive Davis pre-Grammys tribute event on Saturday night"...and Hilton adds "Nobody messes with our princess Ri Ri...we are gonna fuck up that vile shit-stain of a human being for hitting our Rihanna!!!!!!!"
- Read more here.

While Huffington Post seems to have the whole low down and says the "victim's name was not disclosed, as is routine in such cases"
-Read more here.

So yea...I'm waiting on the whole truth. Hopefully this isnt Rihanna and Chris Browns cry for publicity since they have been out of the spot light for a little over two weeks. SMH

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