Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Praises, Questions, Comments, Concerns

BEST PERFORMANCE!:T.I. and JT did a stupendous job!!! :) (TI's last performance b4 jail??? :(..noooo!!!...thats prob why he put so much feeling into it.)

Whitney Houston is back!!!! Pretty!

Chris Martin is so dope!

Katy Perry did her thing! I think she really does feel girls.

I love Jennifer Hudson and she deserved that award, however, that dress did not do her justice. Didnt the upper part look like a bib you use at a restaurant?

Coldplay deserved every award they got! :)

Um...I only know one song by Adele...but I guess she can win best new artist over Duffy and Jazmine Sullivan :-/.

Did Justin Timberlake try to tell a joke when introducing Al Green and fail miserably because no one laughed???

Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder's performance was random and a failure.

Blink 182 back together!!! (didnt know they broke up but okay...)

Why did M.I.A do that? That outfit did not do her pregnant belly justice!

So thanks to Jay-Z, Kanye, and Lupe it is okay for all boys to not cut their hair for over 2 months!

Men in suits are sexy!

Why does Ne-Yo always have beautiful dates????

I'm happy Lil Wayne Performed Tie My Hands with Robin thicke!

So thank God Kanye was not a Divo at the Grammy's this year.

John Mayer for "Say"!!! Well Deserved!!!! (was the theme for this blog for a while...hey...i reinstate...still is!)

So I dont think Carter 3 deserved Best Rap album.

Album of the year???....

I would like to say that I am definite the Grammy's missed out on some GREAT performances by Chris Brown and Rihanna ...all because of this "ike turner wanna be" foolishness!!!

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