Thursday, February 5, 2009

His Soul Lives On

I needed time to write this...I couldnt write this yesterday....I cant imagine what I would have written. I bottled up all my emotions and it all would have all exploded here onto my computer screen. I gave myself a day....allowed my self to gather my thoughts and emotions...let my tears out at random times throughout the day. I dont know..I guess I was waiting for someone to say he came back to life. His heart stopped for a while and now its pumping and he is alive. But no...that isnt how it works. I can make all the excuses in the world and try to run away from the reality of death but nothing will change. God has the power and sadly...the only thing I can do now is remember Diron just the way he was...

I remember in elementary school I would stay and watch the guys play basketball since I lived right around the corner. Diron stayed with the basketball in his hands...whenever I would see him..even in middle school in class he would have the basketball in his hands. He lived and breathed basketball. He would play until they closed the school. I remember one time in elementary, my sister and I stayed so late we it was getting dark and we were scared to walk around the corner to our house. Diron and his little brother walked us since their mother hadnt arrived to pick them up from school yet. Thats another thing..Diron loved his brother ...I really admired that and that made me want an older brother. No matter how into a ball game he was ..he was always looking out for his brother and his brother looked up to him. His #1 audience when Diron told a joke. lol I cant even express how much he loves his mother...omg my heart goes out to her...nothing anyone is goin through can be greater than her pain. I remember onetime during the middle school days I saw Diron at a fair being held by the Forum...we both wanted to get on this ride that spins around and goes up and down at the same time but neither our siblings nor parents wanted to go so we went with each other. I will always remember what he said when the ride was about to begin...we went up...he screamed out "I love you mom!" as though he was scared of being o the ride and we both laughed...then he said "Isnt my mom beautiful?" That was no joke...he wasnt even laughing...just smiling and I thought that was so sweet...he honored his mother.

Our number #1 insider and one of the funniest memories of Diron would be his imitation of our 5th grade teacher at Mrs. Le Blue at 98th street school. She would always smoke and have white crust at the corners of her mouth when she spoke and it would disgust Diron to the max! haha....all of us for that matter. Anywho...who could imitate better than Diron? No one! Even in middle school when I wasnt in a good mood ...Diron would always come up with a joke that would make me laugh. Even about a month ago when I saw him at the knitting factory our insider of Mrs. Le Blue remained when I hugged him and hey said hey and wiped the corner of his mouth he laughed trying to imitate Mrs. Le Blue once more...sad to say that was the last time I would see that impression...

Man! Life is so precious we really have to live for the present. I believe that his heart was too good for this was needed in heaven. God needed more angels like him. angel...a new star in the sky...maybe thats why he sky seemed so bright last night...

Rest in Peace Diron Rivers

Your body is gone but your soul lives on through us. What a great soul you were.

I will miss you.

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